Syzygy Ensemble perform Crumb & Gorecki

Saturday 19 November 2011

The striking music of George Crumb takes audiences to surreal sonic worlds: masked musicians play music that sounds like whale calls, an electric string quartet chants, sings and plays on crystal goblets, and a soprano sings a haunting duet with an amplified piano. A key figure in post-War American music, Crumb’s highly theatrical music connects with audiences with vivid and unforgettable sonic effects and his exploration of time, death and beyond. As much visual experiences as aural ones, the three works on this program must be seen and heard live for their full effect.

With guest artists:
Greta Bradman – soprano
Kristian Winther – violin
Anna McMichael – violin
Ceridwen Davies – viola

George Crumb: Vox Balaenae ( Voice of the Whale )  1971
George Crumb: Apparition (Elegiac Songs and Vocalises on texts from Walt Whitman’s When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d)  1979
Henryk Gorecki:Already it is dusk” String Quartet No.1 Op.62 – Henryk Gorecki 1988
George Crumb: Black Angels ( Images 1 ) Thirteen images from the dark land  1970

TICKETS: Follow link on the Syzygy Website

Date: Saturday 19 November 2011 — 7:30 pm

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